Right now, Chri…

Right now, Chris and I are definitely in the honeymoon stage (of blogging of course, our relationship will always be idealistic and daily affirming, right?). Look at us– posting two days in a row! In actuality, I just got home from work to find Chris cooking a dinner of stuffed eggplant, whadda’ guy.

For real. Want to see it? 



Blogging sure is neat! 

This afternoon Chris met with our fellow Portland travelers to discuss some details. Along with six other undergraduate students, Chris and I will be roughly following this outline sent to me via email: 

1) We’re meeting at 5:00 AM Friday , at the loading dock at UWEC, to head out
2) Day one goal is Teddy Roosevelt National Park in Western ND, about 10 hours
3) Day two goal is Lolo National Park in Montana, about 11 hours
4) We hope to arrive in Portland Sunday evening
5) If you have any music you want to listen to, please bring it!
6) * is loaning the group his 6-person tent for us to use on the road trip. Emilie and I are going to sleep in our individual tent (with a concrete partition between us, don’t worry). 
7) * is not going on the trip anymore, which leaves a lot of room to be had in The Van (We need a nickname!) 
8) Everyone has been instructed to bring their PMA.
9) I am bringing our new camp stove, a pot, and a ladle. We are planning on at least cooking dinner together as a team. 
10) Everyone should bring their own eating supplies (plate, bowl, cup, etc.)

Please let me know if you have any questions!


p.s. I’m bringing Doughnuts for the morning of, but if you feel like bringing anything to share, please feel free!


* name removed for privacy. How official. 


On the WWOOFing front, Chris and I are chomping at the bit to to finalize an itinerary for the fall/winter. We found this farm that we adore, filled out an application, and are anxiously awaiting to hear back from them. It is a farm in Vermont called Taft Hill Farm. We have looked at many profiles, and not only is this one in the region of the country we want to be in during the fall, it also has an Emu! And Llamas, sheep, bees, berries, etc. There is so much to learn from them, we can’t wait to hear back. So far, we have only one confirmed farm– a place in Florida that grows blueberries mainly. They also happen to be nearby some confirmed manatee haunts. Manatees are my favorite animals. Now you know. I hope to be posting a lot more about them in the future. 


So, that is a little teaser, internet. There are big things yet to come! Also, I hope to mature a little in my writing style, but everything is so exciting right now, it is hard to restrain myself. I hope you understand. 


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