Ready, 4am, GO!…

Ready, 4am, GO! 

“um, Chris, I don’t know how to say this…you have underwear on your head.”- Emilie brushing her teeth pre-adventure 

“no I don’t.”- Chris with underwear on his head, walking into shower fully clothed.


This is how it begins. More precisely, it began last night at 9pm, after a lovely backyard birthday soiree for our friend Ellen, when I finally decided to start looking for a suitcase. My sister, our cat sitter, has promised not to allow Utah (cat) to have friends over, and to call if she smells catnip on his breath. Chris made homemade butter soaked, cinnamon sugar drenched donuts last night, and is calling from the back yard. I guess this is it. 

If we think of this adventure as a nice rehearsal before the play of WWOOF begins, the plot is lacking, but the humor is surely there. 



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