So, How Is Married Life?

So, how is married life?

Being recently married, I often am asked this question. My favorite response came from the brain of my beloved. When asked this question by my aunt, Sarah, he responded, “Great! How is yours?” At my brother’s wedding, I was charged by the officiant to keep the couple accountable, and to be a support to them in their union. I was struck by this concept. I know that eventually, in like, a million years, Chris and I will have our first fight, but remembering that there are people out there who will support us in maintaining a good relationship is a wonderful feeling.

I love being married. I thought a lot about marriage before taking the step, and while I acknowledge and respect the reasons that others give for delaying or foregoing marriage, when Chris said, “So, What do you say?” I said, “Of course.” I love the big lug and I do believe that our relationship has deepened as a result of our legal union.

*** I just deleted a big sappy paragraph, you can thank me later***

We are partners, and darn good ones. When I told Chris that I wanted to stall our plans for adventure so that I could teach a single class at CVTC, he agreed with little hesitation. He took the opportunity to explore other ventures that we had never considered. He is now making and selling salsa at a small business in Eau Claire, and spending a lot of time making pottery. As always, there is good with the bad, but stalling our plans has allowed us to take the time to consider widening our concept of what is possible.

Tonight, we are going to Caradori Pottery to set up Chris’s spot in his first art show. He will be showing with David Caradori, Dan Ingersoll, (two potters and mentors of Chris) and Anders and Barbara Schafer (local painters). ***Check out his art here! I too have grown in my creative venture, and I have recently begun to think of myself as a writer. I am extremely excited about the possibilities that open up with this new title I have taken on. My experience as a writer has developed slowly over many years, which I will certainly get into in subsequent blog posts. However, it was just the other day, when talking on the phone with my wonderful aunt Kelly, that I empowered myself in that role. Kelly said to me, “sometimes, being a writer just means raising your hand.” Being a writer doesn’t take a certification, or a diploma, or a knighthood. It is really much more like tapping your heels three times. For me, the tipping point resulted in the realization that my words are worth sharing. Hot Dog!!! Is that empowering or what?

So that is what has been happening in the blogosphere silence, just a whole lot of good stuff. The best thing is… there is more to come! Perhaps Chris will join us next time when we reveal the grand plans that are afoot for the New Year!


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