The Fastest December in History

According to my calculations, this is the fastest December in history. The days are flying by, and the whole month feels like Christmas. We have been packing in as much quality time as possible, knowing that there is only a short time left when this will be possible. One tradition my friend have is a “ladies brunch” which is exactly what it sounds like, and then some. We get together on the occasional weekend morning, cook, eat, chat, laugh, relish the joy of being a woman… I am going to miss those gatherings. Last weekend, however, the boys decided that enough was enough and they were done being left out, so we had a co-ed brunch which was totally magical. It helps that they event coincided with an absolutely magnificent snow fall and tons and tons of Just Coffee and Kickapoo coffee made in a variety of ways (drip, Chemex pour over, French press, and aeropress). It was a day that we never wanted to end, and indeed, it went on to include a sledding adventure which finally concluded the day at about 4:30 when it was getting dark. Then, Chris, Charlie and I went to Bill’s house (with curbside pick-up by Bill and his 4-wheel drive) for a magnificent dinner and sleepover. It was a perfect day.


Chris and I have been making purchases to travel intelligently. We have done a test-pack of our backpacks to see if everything will fit, and my favorite, we bought a tablet to use for blog updates on the trip! I have also been reading via a Kindle app on my **NEW ACER ICONIA TAB** !!! It is so wonderful, I cannot even express how much I love it. It is most certainly my favorite toy. I have played tons of Angry Birds (Star Wars version) and been using it as a book, a music device, a writing device, a browser… and the fun does not stop there, my friend. As an early Birthday gift (January 10, when I will be in FRANCE!!) my parents gave me a case and keyboard for the tablet, so I can type away with ease! (Shout-out to the best brisket ever via my pops. Check out foodmadeoflove, his food/cooking blog).

It really is so easy.

I downloaded a wordpress app, and this blog post has been a snap! I also downloaded an Evernote app which I will be using as a journal when I have internet access. For the first month we should have pretty good access, so I am not worried about our first stop, but as we don’t have plans past that, I am not sure what our internet access will be like following that first month. We purchased a micro SD card to upload pictures from Chris’s camera onto this tablet, and then onto the web for you to view, and perhaps I will be able to get some sort of a flash drive so that I will be able to write when we do not have internet access. That would certainly be nice!


So far the device seems to have good battery life, good speakers, good everything. I really have nothing to complain about. It is a ten inch tablet, so fairly big, and with the keyboard it looks just like a mini laptop. I feel that it is much more versatile and transportable. It is also much smaller and lighter than the laptop I currently have.

I am such a happy camper.

I am done teaching at CVTC on the twelfth, done at the Y on the twenty-first; we leave Eau Claire on the twenty-fifth, and we leave the country on the twenty-seventh– that is in sixteen days!!!! I told you December was flying by!

So, quickly, while there is still time, please let me know of any travel advice that you have, any must-have apps, or a time when you want to go out for coffee!


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