Reverting to Colloquialisms

Today was officially our first day on our own. Chris and I quickly fed the animals, and ourselves  and started out on our tasks for the day. It sprinkled on and off all day, though without a thermometer, we can only guess that the temperature was between 50 and 60 degrees. We did some light groundskeeping sort of tasks, and each of us took our chances with the axe. It seemed that by the time we were each tired out, we finally got into the swing of things, and felt a rhythm.

We took Muttley up the road to St. Eitienne, and believe it or not, everything was beautiful! If you have talked lichen with Chris, you will know that the weather I have described is just perfect for lichen. We passed bits of rock face that had Heather, Holly, Green Oak, and Chestnut (etc.) crawling out of every crag. Thick mats of lichen mottled the surface of the stone, darkened by moisture.

Our bedroom is on the second floor, and it has a door that leads onto an open porch. Chris and I took our tea there, along with baguette, Nutella, and a shared banana, and relished in the replenishment. Ten-or-so feet beneath our feet walked two French women, who promptly replied when we called out,”bonjour!” They continued with a remark about the pretty car  that is parked behind the house. I was nervous to attempt the French that was required to correct their assumption, and so I simply said, “merci.”  I wonder, is it better to appear gracious, or to be correct? 


Our Private Retreat

We remain inside as soon as it becomes dark, and without stimulating diversion, we ate dinner a bit early, and are fighting to stay awake. Hopefully an early bed time means that we will be up and at ’em bright and early tomorrow!


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