Glimmers of Desperation

Nice trick, you guys, sticking two people in an isolated cabin in a country where nothing is familiar, and where they don’t speak the language…

Muppet Treasure Island has never felt more relevant

For two days in a row, Chris murmured the best fart jokes ever uttered, or is this cabin fever?

“That one skipped in line!” and “ooo must be some latent fartichoke” (in reference to the Jerusalem Artichokes we ate two days ago).

Our desperation for attention from human beings other than each other snuck up on us quite quickly.

We need help.

Luckily, WordPress tells me that people do occasionally look at this thing, so here is our plea for help:

1)Better jokes

2)Good music to use as an alarm to wake up to (serious responses only…dad!)
— Becky, I’m looking at you for this one!! I hope you read this, because I can’t remember my UWEC email password, so I can’t snoop for your email addy right now

3)How to make turnips delicious (We have an abundance of root vegetables, so any recipe that is good with parsnips, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, onions, turnips, and cabbage, but the closest market is in St. Pons… remember yesterday…)

4)Advice about heating a house with wood/chopping and moving massive amounts of logs

5)Analysis of the spirit animal situation (see previous post)


10 responses to “Glimmers of Desperation

    • Haha! I read, “Stuff the largest DOGS that fit” I thought, “we could fit a few chickens, but it is too small for the dog” Thanks for the advice! We had been stoking it per usual, I’m not sure why we didn’t try your method, it sounds very reasonable- will try tonight!

  1. Hellooooo! I have been thinking about you since I read this post. Five hours before I leave for a trip, without a thing packed, seemed like the perfect time to throw together a mix for you. I hope it isn’t too terrible! Also, I’ve been watching way too many french romance movies this week. I have perfected english in a french accent (in my head). Be safe, and be well!

    Peace, love, dove,


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