Chris’s Favorites (12-29 — 1-5)

Hi there everyone!

So, for this installment of Chris’s Favorites (there will be more, I promise), I will be transferring one or two bullet-points from each day’s paper journal entry to the interweb.  I will also include some photos to go along with these point, hopefully none that Emilie has already shown you.

Note, if this is confusing, don’t feel alarmed. It probably will be. Also, as the entries are straight from le journal, there will most definitely be spelling/grammatical oddities.

12-29-12: Our first full day at Les Seilhols
– Emilie napped off residual Jet Lag while Chris learned the way of the chainsaw/felled tree/chopped up

12-30-13: Big Work Day
– Figured out we can warm bread on wood stove. Delish

12-31-12: N.Y.E.
– Beautiful sunny day, with occasional poop-flings


1-1-13: Happy New Year!
– Saw river in donkey area, SO beau! Craggy ledge and swirling waters, with ferns and epiphytes abound!


1-2-13: First “Day Off”
– *Holy S! Forgot this: We got up early today and made a killer egg-bake, and ate it outside watching the soleil rise.


– Decided non-foodies would perish in this environment (what IS an immersion blender?).


1-4-13: Don’t forget your table cloth
– Lethargy strikes! Lay in the sun after attempting garden work.
-Dual realization of the need to set a new schedule & listen to our bodies & REST.

1-5-13: Schedule Noveau
– Picnic lunch on a beatiful outcropping of bread, chevre, saucesson sec, cold turnip soup. Read from Walden.



(Can you picture an outcropping make of bread, cheese, and meat?!)

Life here is simple, repetitive, and beautiful. Sometimes it can feel like we traveled across the world to hang out in the French equivalent of Fall Creek, but hey! there are good people everywhere. And this is just the beginning; rubbing shoulders with the Sartorialistas in Paris will have to wait until next month.

Until next week. Au Revoir, and thanks for all the fish!


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