Croissant Amande

I decided that I need to start sharing more of the delicious things I/We have been eating– CNM

Croissant Amande:

Today marked our first voyage via voiture, and the sweet freedom realized therein certainly played a role in how delicious this treat was.  We scored the bundle of buttery goodness at a breadshop in St. Pons, where we did some other shopping and errand-running.  Additionally adding to the peripheral deliciousness, was the fact that he-who-we-purchased-it-from was not only nice, but was wearing orange pants. So cool!

Upon returning to our mountain estate, we reheated the croissant on our wood stove (a practice we will surely miss once we’ve rejoined the world of central air). Within thirty seconds the room filled with the most wonderful buttery-sweet aroma, which made the waiting time all the more difficult. 

Having waited long enough to sufficiently increase the average movement of croissant-atoms, I endeavored to take my first bite.

How flaky the body, and crunchy the almonds on top!

How surprising, the lightly lemon-flavored almond puree filling!

How slowly one learns to eat when the food is all so good

I leave you, still in the haze of almond and butter, and implore you to try one thing. Eat your treats with purpose, and with slow reverence. Even half of a croissant can give you food shivers.


Croissant Amande Warming on the Stove


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