“You make the Naan, and I’ll make the Daal,” a delicious dinner by C&E

“Today was a good day.” C.N. Maierhofer


Approximately five inches of slushy, then slopping, then splatting, now sparkling snow has accumulated over approximately 10 hours.

This morning we had a glorious windy walk. Chris has been doing morning animal chores, so I took a look at the beasts to see how they were faring.

Muttley: was afraid of the snow last night, but in daylight could do  nothing but leap and bound, ears flapping and tounge lolling. Despite giving me fleas, Muttley is my favorite dog, ever. It has been weeks since I identified a breeder in Missouri from whom I would like to purchase a puppy.

Chickens: were peaking out of their front door, acting like total chickens. I brought them some hay to stand on, a little more food, and Chris brought down a pan of warm water (as their re-filling water is frozen and piled over with snow) The only honourable fowl was “Baldy,” the runt of the litter, who, luckily for him, is identifiable by some sparse crooked feathers on his backside, rather than general baldness as we learn he sported throughout his early days. I rewarded him for his bravery by holding him in my loving arms, and giving him preferential access to the water and food. I support the under-chicken.

Donkeys: were standing near the area where they are fed (as usual whenever they anticipate humans approaching), warming themselvs by piles of their own… You know, Chris and I have agreed that we will never own Donkeys.


and they called it Puppy Love...

We have identified two songs as fantastic tunes to wake up to: One of my favorite songs and the current selection.

Several weeks ago, while surfing the blogosphere, I happened upon a blog called “Live to Write – Write to Live.” The topic of the post really struck me, and like most things I like, I grabbed it, and ran with it, sharing it with all of my friends. It was originally written around New Years time, but as the general knowledge about New Years Resolutions is that they don’t last more than two weeks, I thought I’d give you that long before I sneaked a new concept in the mix.

Wildly Improbable Goals
These are not your average New Years Resolutions. They are wild. They are improbable. They are the Choco-Taco, the free company trip to Mexico. A year ago, without knowing it, I set a wildly improbable goal: to go to France. I am lucky to have a husband who actively works to make my dreams come true, because there were many times that this dream nearly slipped away being replaced with a more bland version, like getting a Yoplait yogurt when you ordered a Key Lime Pie (you know they are not as good as the commercials make them seem).

The examples given were professional goals that the writer had made for herself. They easily catalyzed my imagination. I got Chris to consider this concept, and also encouraged my brother and sister-in-law to make a goal during a Skype conversation that day. The whole thing is terribly thrilling.

I have not hidden the fact that I feel uncertain about my professional life. Though I have a degree in English, teaching, and I have loved my time in the classroom, I am not sure that teaching opportunities will be available in Kirksville, MO, where Chris and I are moving in June. So, one goal is to find a job in Kirksville in which I feel that my talents are valued, and in which I feel fulfilled in working.

I have come up with a million perfect solutions for this, and often times they include something to do with writing. Therefore, my wildly improbable goal is to be a regular contributor to my favorite website. Before making the goal, I did not even realize that it was a goal of mine. Since then, I have written often, and thought about writing even more than ever. In short, I am truly taking myself seriously, and it feels awesome. The day I submitted my first piece, I was amazed at how easy it was. I have not yet heard a reply, but the fact that I took the step made me incredibly proud of myself.

Chris too has made Goals: Obtain a boombox and start a tradition of post-exam bike rides in search of barbecue joints with many peers. Meet up with “superhero riders” in MO.

We had  a great conversation, which melded these goals with other wise words we have consumed recently. Though we share so much, and recently, nearly every moment, each of us focused on different ways to apply the texts to our own lives. So, rather than try to re-write the conversation, I will leave you with the concepts, and encourage you to consider your own Wildly Improbable Goals, and how the following words influence your own life. (I would love it if you would share a W.I.G. of yours in the comments section of this blog!)

The Dermis Probe

The wind blows floating seeds and makes them fly to wherever they will flourish if the possibility exists. To the outward observer, the wind may appear hostile to the seed. But what, in such instance,is the function of the wind, if it is not to provide the impetus which the seeds need.”

Dalai Lama XIV
paraphrase from a banner hanging in our EC home:

People in your country spend too much time developing the head. You should work on developing the heart.

(thoughts from the documentary )

It always feels as though whatever you are in will last forever. When you feel happy, you feel on top of the world, like you are experiencing something unstoppable. When you are in despair, you feel as though you will never feel better ever again. Both of these are untrue.



6 responses to ““You make the Naan, and I’ll make the Daal,” a delicious dinner by C&E

  1. I am finding that having no history with France, it’s language or it’s food has forced me to learn. I am looking up locations, foods, and other words I do not know in your posts. I am thoroughly enjoying your adventures as I know you are too. I probably enjoyed the poop and fleas more than you did though.Keep the words flowing-you have a gift you are meant to use. Love to you both!

  2. I read this quote and thought of you Pooh!
    “…inconvenience, as I have said, is only one aspect, and that the most unimaginative and accidental aspect of a really romantic situation. An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.” -G.K. Chesterton

    • LIKE! That is so true. Many times, people have said to me, “Emilie, your life is so exciting.” And, while I agree with them, a lot of the time, I think it is just because I notice things and think that they are funny or amazing. A lot of times, when a seemingly bad experience is over with, I think, “this will be a great story some day.” Other times, I think, “that sucked…” 🙂 Thanks for thinking of me lil’ sis!

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