Paris Day 1,2

Day 1

Arrive at shuttle, and airport on time
Arrive at Paris Beauvais airport on time (read Nowhere, Paris)
Shuttle to subway
Attempt to buy metro tickets
Get extensive help from a kind stranger
follow the pre-determined metro connections (nice move Chris!)
Alight at Jules Joffrin station
walk past carousel
call Sammy, our Parisian host
Eat a crepe while waiting for Sammy
Enjoy Kebab, and a drink
Meander through Montmartre 
Discover Sacre Coeur de Montmartre by moonlight
Buy groceries


Sacre Coeur

Day 2
8:00 a.m.
Eat breakfast
buy baguette
metro to Musee D’Orsay
Learn how to properly patronize a museum
Assemble lunch while crouched on the sidewalk
eat while walking around, trying to find Notre Dame de Paris
Walk through the Tuilleries gardens
Musee D’Orangeries
Walk back through the Tuilleries
Keep trying to find Notre Dame
warm up with une noisette, et un chocolat
Observe Notre Dame from the outside
Find Shakespeare and Company (English bookstore)
Go  home
Put on warmer clothes
Go back to Shakespeare & Co.
Listen to reading, and get book signed by author
Eat un Sandwich Grec. (Sammy said that it is what the real people eat)
Return home
Recalibrate plans for the rest of the week


Technically at the Pompidou, but you get the idea

Summary of feelings:
We have a great host, who is 25, and a lifelong Parisian. We found him through, and he is great. He took us to “his” bar, and introduced us to it’s Happy Hour (which includes any time it is raining, which is apparently often in Paris). We both had the same favorite museum moment, which is the two rooms in Orangeries that are made up of eight enormous Monet paintings of water lilies. Our shared least-favorite moment was any time a tourist took a picture ignoring the millions of signs, pestering guards, and memory of respect. Paris is not perfect, and we like it that way. So far, we actually feel more comfortable here, which probably has something to do with the nonstop awesome things to do.  I wanted to post this update before I forget anything major, but there is too much that happened, and too little time before we have to wake up to go to the Louvre!
11:27 p.m. 


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