Paris- The Rest

I feel as though I must give you something, dear reader, but to be honest, I’m tired. So much has happened in the many days since I have written to you, that I don’t know where to begin, or what to include, but I must give you something.


Culturally Sensitive Street Sign

In Paris, we did absolutely everything we could for the time that we had. We went to all of the biggest monuments and museums. It was fun for me to see them again, and to feel recognition when I saw the sights, and at the same time, to see them as if for the first time by showing them to Chris.

At the Louvre, we bought an app for his iPhone which guided us with pictures, and audio descriptions to the most well known pieces. The app was worth every penny (all 299 of them). We got to learn history, to appreciate the architecture of a building, which is a masterpiece in and of itself, and to move at a good pace, not being bogged down by the task of taking in all the art.


Inside l'Opera

We loved to see Monet’s famous waterlillies at the Orangeries, and impressionists at Musee D’Orsay. Our favorite building was L’Opera. We went to  two book readings/signings, and Chris found a record store that had stock of only his favorite music. He now has a new goal.


Chagall's Ceiling at l'Opera

We found a place to stay by using, and were so pleased. It was cheaper than a hotel, and much better than a hostel. Basically, we rented out a room, in the Montmartre neighborhood, from a 25 year old life-long Parisian. He took us to his favorite bar the first and last night, and chilled with us two other nights, watching movies, and eating and drinking with his friends. We felt like we had a neighborhood, and even though we were 100% tourists, that we were living like Parisians. It was because of this, that we found that we really, truly love Paris. Not the fabulous clothes, and shops, but the life.  I could go on, and on.


Saucisson du Sangliers!

Two days ago, we returned to Aix en Provence, and met Delena, the woman who’s apartment we’ve been living in (and the mother of Chris’s best friend). Since joining her, we have not stopped talking, laughing, or enjoying ourselves. Though we had lived in Aix, and walked around quite a bit, her tour of the old city made it all look new and wonderful to us. She is hilarious, insightful, friendly, and generous. We are so lucky.


Delana's Famous Tour d'Aix

I am happy to share more about the last week and a half, and I may, but if you have a question or suggestion, please leave it in the “comments” section, and I will be pleased to direct the sharing of stories in the direction of your liking. Otherwise, we may have to take up our programing from the present moment on. I’m not sure if it is Paris+Travel exhaustion, but that is all I can handle for today! More tomorrow, or from Chris,  if I can convince him 🙂


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