Get Scrumpy, Say Goodbye London

In an attempt to bring us to the present, I will now display for you photographs pertaining the final days we spent in London.


At the Science Museum

Emilie was a huge dear and went along with a full hour and a half on the top two floors of the Science Museum. Basically, we followed medicine from its inception through to the present day. How glad we both are to be living in the 21st century after seeing the “tools” (read: implements of torture!) of yesteryear. Other than that, the coolest things we saw at the Sci Museum were a chunk of moon stone and the Google Lab in the basement. And the Cray computer!


Enter the Future


Chippewa Falls Represent!


Google is Taking Over


Face Recognition to Sand Painting Machine

I’m pretty sure you can participate in real time with the Web Lab stuff online, just Google it! We also visited the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museums. The former had a TON of cool rocks (yes, rocks can be very cool), and the latter offered some sweet paintings and a Dale Chihuly glass sculpture. We visited these both with our pal Dan.


Entrance at the Nat. Hist.

You decide: Which entrance is cooler?


Entrance at V & A


Blue Whales Are STILL HUGE

I highly recommend visiting the nearest life-size blue whale, as it will blow your mind. We’re pretty lucky to be alive during the time of the largest animal ever. It is also important to mention that we did indeed enjoy Fish and Chips, and also a “Proper English Breakfast” while in England. Both were consumed at a greasy-spoon type joint in the suburb where we were living. All I can say is that now that Black Pudding has been tried, it needn’t be tried again




We loved London. We love our friends Dan and Andy who shared it with us. We loved our lodging and our super king host Teresa. We loved the museums, the transport system, and the fact that both of us could communicate with everyone and anyone. We loved the “Scrumpy” cider (a term reserved for only the funkiest, murkiest, most delicious of ciders available in England) that we enjoyed on our last night with Dan. And finally, we love the travel routine we have adopted: Stay out until midnight, go to bed at 1:30 after talking one last time with our host, get up at 4:30 to start the long journey to Ireland. Take a taxi, a bus, another bus, a plane, a bus, a car, and somehow find that we are sitting in a living room in western Ireland staring at the Atlantic. T-16d.


The Home of the Queen!


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